10 Reasons to have your Bachelor Party in Jaco Costa Rica

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10 Damn good reasons to have your bachelor party in Costa Rica

Jaco, Costa Rica is perfect for an epic bachelor party
The beachside town of Jaco, located on the western coast of Costa Rica, is an idyllic spot to host your bachelor party. In fact, thanks to the Caldera highway, the fun of a lifetime is only 1 hours and 30 jacobachelorminutes away from the international airport in San Jose. With white sand beaches, deep-sea fishing, golf, and other activities, chill bars or fancy nightclubs, casinos, and plenty of girls, girls, girls (more on that later,) Jaco is the prime destination for bachelors looking to celebrate their freedom for the last time. Jaco is also an internationally renowned surf destination and a stone’s throw from some of the nicest natural parks in the world, but it also guarantees the most fun you can have – all legally and inexpensively – in the Western Hemisphere! Read on and find out why Jaco is waiting for your bachelor party to arrive!

It’s only a few hours flight from the U.S.
Another thing that makes Costa Rica so ideal for your bachelor party is the fact that it’s so close to the U.S. and even Canada, so flying there for a weekend trip is super easy. In fact, the international airport in San Jose, Costa Rica is only a 2 ½ hour flight from Miami, 4 hours from Houston or Dallas, 4 ½ hours from New York, or 5 hours from Los Angeles. There are plenty of cheap, direct flights going there daily.

You don’t even need to get a visa with a U.S. or Canadian passport – just book your ticket and show up to get the party started! You can leave for Costa Rica after breakfast and be there by lunchtime! We’ll even pick you up from the airport and bring you to the front door of your luxury hotel or private villa in the beach time of Jaco, where the real fun begins!

The most beautiful women on earth from all over Latin and South America are waiting for you.
Here’s the deal: prostitution is legal in Costa Rica. Maybe that’s yourjacobachelor3 thing, maybe it’s not, but I assure you that the sex trade looks far different than prostitution in the U.S. It’s more like Amsterdam, where the women voluntarily go to the bars looking for foreigners to party with and have unions with healthcare, etc. The women that will be chasing YOU are mostly in their early 20s, fresh-faced beauties from Costa Rica but also Nicaragua, Panama, the Dominican Republic (va voom!), Venezuela (wow!), and chicas from Colombia (perfect 10’s!).

So if you want to chase some average girls only to strike out after investing 6 hours and $250 on drinks, go to Las Vegas. But if you want to feel like a piece of meat while some of the hottest women on the planet chase YOU, Jaco in Costa Rica is the joint. Whether it’s just drinks and dancing at the bar or a night of debauchery with hot and wild exotic angels back at your hotel, Costa Rica is the ideal spot for your bachelor party.

Deep-sea fishing, golf, ATVs, zip-lining and more.
The highlight of most bachelor parties is during the nighttime, but the days are long, (hungover), and a little boring. But in Costa Rica, whitewaterthe beautiful sunny days will rival the crazy nights, with an endless array of activities that are photo-worthy for the family when you go back home. Sport fish for giant Blue Marlin, go horseback riding on the beach or in the mountains, repel down a waterfall or jump off one like a badass, visit Arenal Volcano, go white water raft, or play 18-holes on a pristine golf course. You can even feed live crocodiles (how bad ass is that?!) or catch some waves with some of the best surfing in the word, but you’ll never run out of incredible things to do in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Bachelor Party Kings

Way cooler, less expensive, and more fun than Las Vegas.
So you were thinking about going to Las Vegas for your bachelor party? Are you also having your reception at Olive Garden? Where is your honeymoon, Wal-Mart? Let’s face it, Las Vegas is more-than-a-little played out when it comes to bachelor parties, and for good reason – it’s too expensive, too stiff, and the same old predictable college antics every single time. Ready to step up to the big leagues? Costa Rica blows Las Vegas away when it comes to partying and finding what you really want at a bachelor party, all for less money and in a tropical beachside paradise.

5 MORE damn good reasons to visit Jaco, Costa Rica for your bachelor party.

It’s easy to get a Hall Pass from the girlfriends and wives.

The nature is wild.

But the nightlife is wilder!
Talk about the women again, great restaurants, casinos and poker, watch all the US sports and UFC fights, etc,

Good food, great rum, and excellent cigars for the fellas.

Relax on a white-sand beach and come back tan and refreshed.
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