Jaco Casino Costa Rica

If you are coming to Jaco Costa Rica to visit the Casinos, there are only a few options available. Each of the options of very different experiences so be sure you do a little research before heading out to make sure you get what you are looking for.

Croc’s Resort & Casino- Having opened in February 2015, Croc’s is the newest and biggest of the Casinos located in Jaco. There is a large gaming area that is as close to “Las Vegas” Style gambling that you will find in the area. The casino offers a couple of dozen card tables, craps, roulette and a couple of hundred slot machines all one large open room. The casino sits in a large hotel with a number of decent restaurants, shops and facilities. This is a family friendly building and you will have no problem enjoying any of the facilities with your kids.

Hotel Cocal & Casino-Like Croc’s, this is a beachfront hotel & casino located in Jaco. Aside from that, the 2 casinos could not be more different. The main draw for Cocal is the nightlife and ladies the congregate at the pool bar. Adjacent to the Hotel and Casino, is an 8 story Condo building for groups that would like something more comfortable than the hotel. You can read more about Cocal here.

Amapola Casino & Sports bar-Amapola has recently undergone a renovation and is open again. The main focus of Amapola is Texas Hold’em with action happening most evenings. If you want to play poker, this is the only casino that has it in Jaco! Located next to Hotel Amapola.

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