Nate Came, Nate Left, Jaco is Open for Business

Tropical Storm Nate charged into Costa Rica Wednesday Night (October 4th) with little warning. The rain came down heavy and didnt stop in most areas for over 24 hours. There was significant flooding, power outages and road closures across the country. 8 people lost their lives and 15 people are still missing. Thousands were flooded out of their homes.

Fortunately, the Central Pacific was largely unaffected and has recovered quickly. By Saturday morning, the road have all opened, electricity has been restored and businesses are open. The sun has been shining and we are drying out. Other areas of Costa Rica have not been so lucky.

If you are planning on traveling to the Central Pacific in the coming weeks or months, rest assure that we are back in business and ready for you.

Below are some videos that we took during and after the storm to help keep everyone informed of a quickly changing situation.

Some Footage of several areas of the Central Pacific during the middle of the storm. 

Rio Tulin located 10 miles south of Jaco flooded its banks and crossed the Pan-American Highway for over 1 km, *Please dont drive in moving water!!!!

Rio Tarcoles also flooded severly and the Tarcoles Bridge (the Crocodile Bridge) also flooded. The bridge was closed for traffic for over 24 hours. We heard conflicting reports that the bridge was closed, that the bridge had washed away and that the bridge was again open. There was only one way to find out so we visited the bridge on Friday morning to see for ourselves. Thankfully the bridge was open again and the water levels had receded quickly.

There are thousands of people in other areas that have been displaced from their homes in Costa Rica. Please contact us if you would like to know more about how you can help the people that have been affected by the storm at


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