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Sea Kayaking & Snorkeling

For those who PEACE and QUIET are vital during their dream vacation, we’ve discovered just the right thing for you. You can slide into your kayak along with your friends and family and allow an experienced guide to point you in the right direction. For all paddlers (whether beginners, intermediate, or experienced), this tranquil journey should take you along Agujas Beach’s shoreline over to Punta Leone. Not only is the scenery amazing, but the likelihood of spotting wildlife is also good. You’ll undoubtedly have a different perspective once you photograph the beaches and shorelines from the ocean.

For this reason, grab your camera and enjoy the entire experience of skimming along the ocean’s surface. When you reach Punta Leone’s immaculate white sand beaches, the guides will hook you up with some snorkeling gear or allow you enough time to chill and enjoy the spectacular coastline. What a memorable day!