Whats New in Jaco for 2018


Like any town, businesses come and go in Jaco on a monthly basis. Some survive and thrive for years and others disappear in just a few months. Although there are too many new Jaco businesses to list them all, here is our list of new spots that you should be checking out! 

Selina Jaco-This concept is something that Jaco has needed for a long time. Selina is a Hostel that also offers a beachfront Restaurant and Bar, a pool, live music and activities like fitness and dance classes. This is the perfect place to kick back and watch the sunset while enjoying a beer. Located at the end of Calle Alice across from Jaco Walk.

Jaco Walk-Although Jaco Walk first opened in Early 2018, the storefronts within the open air commercial center continue to expand month after month. Some new additions includes Channel Island Surf Shop, GNC, Vida Pura (see below) and Juanita’s Restaurant (a new concept by the same owners as the Green Room). Jaco Walk is a great addition to the area and has been offering live music and activities every month.

Holaloha-This restaurant just opened under Gimnasio Platinum and is offering some healthy food and drinks including Smoothies, Fruit Bowls, Sandwiches & Salads. Fresh food and a clean concept always win.

Sunset Boulevard-This new oceanview condo building is currently being built on the far South End of Calle Madrigal. There are still some condo units available for sale at very competitive prices. The developers (Jaco Desarrollos) as well as the building design make this project an excellent investment.

Pali Supermarket-Yes, another Walmart owned grocery store comes to Jaco. Pali which is located on Calle Lapa Verde just a block from Los Amigos Restaurant is Walmart’s answer to no frill grocery shopping. And yes, Walmart also owns Mas x Menos and Maxi Pali in Jaco.

Vida Pura-This Addition to Jaco Walk offers Cold Pressed Juices as well as vegan and raw desserts & snacks. We always go for the Green Juice and a few sweet snacks after a good workout.

Ridiculous Burgers-As the name suggests, this restaurant is offering a wide variety of hamburgers for every pallet. If the food is half as good as their marketing, they will have a very successful run in Jaco. Located right on the Main Street (Avenida Pastor Diaz) in Jaco across from Red Cross.

Chi Chi’s Sports Bar– This well know restaurant chain with several other locations in Costa Rica just renovated and opened a new location directly across from Best Western in the same plaza as the bus station and Banco Costa Rica. It’s a tough location because its out of the center of town but if anyone can make the location a success, Chi Chi’s will do it.

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