costa rica gurus crocodile river safari

Crocodile River Safari

There are huge crocodiles that flourish in the Tarcoles River, and this crocodile river safari allows you to explore their habitat. In comfortable pontoon boats, explore its lush mangroves and view the amazing variety of birds. In general, the area is covered by transitional forest, where more than hundreds of different kinds of reptiles, birds, and mammals thrive.

Not only is it a nesting place for the Scarlet Macaw, but also large colonies of crocodiles – with some measuring up to 23ft in length. What’s more, the site is home to around 250 species of birds, including hummingbirds, herons, macaws, orioles, trogons, flycatchers, and tanagers. From October to April, the migration period, some of the birds frequently seen are frigates, pelicans, terns, cormorants, gulls, and ospreys.